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Securing Data. Preventing Crime.

Our suite of iCYPHER ELEMENTS focuses on securing data to protect businesses and preventing crime to protect the public. When it comes to providing you with the tools to protect people, property and profits, Infinite Protection Ltd’s line of iCYPHER ELEMENTS has the solutions you need.

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Chat & Video Conferencing

Encrypted and secured communication between colleagues, family and friends. iCYPHER CHAT eliminates the worry of online tracking, eavesdropping and data theft.

Free iCYPHER CHAT download for the following devices:

Windows | MAC OS | Linux

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Free VPN Service

iCYPHER VPN is the best and easiest way to protect your internet traffic and keep your identity private online. A fast, private, no logs VPN. Complete Online Safety. Visit websites with secure fast encryption. Easy and Fast Installation. Protect Your Privacy Now.



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Complete Office Storage

Safely create documents, spreadsheets, and presentation slides. Manage your emails, tasks, and online calendar, while syncing it all across multiple devices. Quickly and securely backup or retrieve files, photos, and video. Discretely share data across our encrypted network.


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Crime Prevention Platform

In the past, surveillance cameras could capture the crime so an investigation could ensue. How about preventing the crime before it ever takes place? That is where The Mobile Scout comes in! This unit utilizes the latest Scouting Technologies to help prevent crime without the loss of property, profit or even life.