Private Digital Investigators in Ohio

We help you find the truth using our state-of-the-art forensics lab, we can access evidence from a wide variety of digital data sources while reducing the costs of digital investigation. We service individuals, businesses, and law firms in Sunbury Ohio as well as surrounding areas.

Private Digital Investigation Services We Offer


  • Infidelity Investigation
  • Child Custody
  • Divorce
  • Cyber Harassment/Bullying
  • Missing Persons
  • Teens Online Safety


  • Fraud
  • Scams
  • Hackers
  • Identity Theft
  • Online Extortion
  • Cyber Stalking


  • Theft of trade secrets or intellectual property
  • Accounting fraud
  • Investigating employee conduct
  • HIPAA violations

Law Firms

  • Case Strategy Support
  • Forensic Evidence Discovery & Preservation
  • Complete Chain of Custody
  • Court Accepted Reporting
  • Expert Witness Testimony

Digital Forensics Investigation

Our experienced investigators can use advanced forensic tools and investigation experience to uncover digital evidence about your case. Individuals and businesses have trusted us to prove their innocence, find fraud or scams, investigate teens’ online activities, catch cheating partners, and resolve corporate investigations.
  • Capture data from phones, computers, social media, and more.
  • Data acquisition onsite or remotely from anywhere.
  • Fast and discrete investigations.
  • Complete report of evidence discovered.
  • Expert testimony of evidence in court if needed.

Cybercrime Investigation

Our tools and expertise allow us to follow digital footprints and track IP addresses, cell phones numbers, email addresses, social accounts, and even specific devices that were used in these crimes. Our investigators have helped track down, scammers, hackers, catfishing attempts, cyber harassment, cyber bullying, identity theft and more.
  • Capture data from phones, computers, text messages, voicemails, social media, and more.
  • Data acquisition onsite or remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • Evidence is correctly captured and preserved for admission in court if required.
  • Reasonable retainer without paying for an entire investigation up front.
  • Expert court testimony of evidence available.

Social Media Investigation

Despite the best efforts of consumers to protect themselves online cybercriminals have grown sophisticated, and often outwit even savvy users.  Cyber criminals view social media accounts as extremely valuable targets. Because of the growth of social media more and more consumers are experiencing identity theft, cyber stalking, and scams. Our experienced investigators can determine if your social media has been compromised and provide solutions. A Social Media Forensic Audit from Infinite Protection can keep you safe online, and give you peace of mind.
  • We detect compromised social media accounts and provide a roadmap for fixing them. 
  • Full investigation into your social media account and report of actions you can take to mitigate threats. 
  • Former law enforcement officers have decades of experience investigating cybercrime and other online and offline threats.

Cryptocurrency Investigation

Cryptocurrency fraud and theft are a huge issue today with consumers potentially loosing thousands of dollars. Infinite Protection has the unique software tools to track crypto across major exchanges and even personal wallets. When your cryptocurrency hits an exchange we can determine the identities of the account holder and send a cease and desist letter to freeze your stolen assets and return them.
  • We can track almost any kind of cryptocurrency.
  • Investigate the location of crypto when it crosses multiple exchanges or wallets.
  • Gather evidence of your attackers for law enforcement.
  • Help return cryptocurrency that has been moved to an exchange.

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Clinton R.
Clinton R.
15:29 26 Sep 22
After being part of a ransomware attack at my former company, I am well aware of the importance of having current and clean backups in case of a disaster like this malware! This team ensures you are covered if you are ever a victim of a cyber attack or system failure!
Michael G.
Michael G.
17:15 17 Jun 22
Infinite is easy to work with and provides multiple services.
Mike H
Mike H
19:49 25 May 22
Very Impressed with the Mobile Scout. The capability and level of security the scout offers is absolutely incredible! practical application use for law enforcement and in the private sector. Nice work!
Jim B.
Jim B.
18:13 25 May 22
Infinite Protection had their Mobile Scout set up in our church parking lot. The technology and quality of the trailer was incredible.
04:26 05 Feb 22
I was looking to scale up my business and have the ability for more free time . To focus on what I need to and our partnership allowed me to do that.
Kristina W.
Kristina W.
21:51 20 Jan 22
Great customer service and support!!! I have been using their CRM for awhile now and love all the different features! Not to mention how easy everything is to use! If you are looking for a way to manage and grow your business you need their CRM!!!
Michael G.
Michael G.
18:01 19 Jan 22
Great training!
alexander M.
alexander M.
17:02 19 Jan 22
I recently participated in a lunch and learn and was very impressed with the presentation. The products that this company offers comes with a ton of value. I highly recommend them for all of your business solution needs.
Kevin D.
Kevin D.
14:42 18 Jan 22
Christina is very help full and professional. I have nothing but good things to say about her and the concrete Protecter
Steve B.
Steve B.
00:31 15 Jan 22
The CRM software we are utilizing is great and the customer service is fantastic.
Sandy R.
Sandy R.
22:08 14 Jan 22
Very happy with quality of the products and services offered.
Renee A.
Renee A.
21:40 14 Jan 22
Fantastic company to work with. Highly recommend them.
Kyle W.
Kyle W.
22:30 08 Dec 21
Very impressed on everything we all talked about I’m glad we all can work together as a team.
Kristina W.
Kristina W.
19:50 20 Oct 21
Great team to work with! We have been using iCYPHER for awhile now and love knowing our data is safe and secure! I would recommend this company to anyone looking to keep their information safe during these uncertain times.
Trey S.
Trey S.
18:37 20 Oct 21
I feel much more secure since using their iCYPHER chat! I feel our data truly is safe and secure!
Donavin G.
Donavin G.
17:04 20 Oct 21
Very informative on the topics discussed, I believe the resources they provide will definitely be something I will use during my investigations.
Ashley G.
Ashley G.
15:37 20 Oct 21
I’m impressed with the variety of services Infinite Protection offers! From homes to businesses, there is a secure tool for it all. I especially like their ICYPHER Chat app. It allows me to communicate with friends, family, and colleagues without the worry of having someone listening in and protects all my private information! I highly recommend Infinite Protection!!
15:26 20 Oct 21
Infinite offers a variety of secure services and tools! I’m really impressed by the products they offer.
Isaac D.
Isaac D.
15:20 20 Oct 21
I have been using the iCYPHER Chat app for over a month now. It is nice to communicate with my family and friends in private.
Zach A.
Zach A.
22:55 03 May 21
Infinite protection installed security cameras, home alarm system, keyless entry, smart thermostat, veideo doorbell, and smoke/gas dectecors. All of these are easily controlled and monitored through a convenient app. The sales and installation team were very helpful and professional. Everything was explained well and professionally installed. The quality of the hardware is excellent and the cost of everything is very reasonable, especially for the service that is provided. I have had immediate responses from any questions I have had. I look forward to doing more home automation with Infinite in the near future. Can’t say enough good about my experience with Infinite. Get in contact with Aaron for any home security and home automation services.

We Find the Answers You Need

Finding clear answers when you need digital forensics can be a challenging task, and it can leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused. The Infinite Protection team finds the evidence you’re seeking so you can have peace of mind and closure.

We are here to help you at every stage of your project feel free to contact us with any questions you have.