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Infinite Protection takes a systematic approach to defending your device and data. We combine well known and well-tested software to create a defensive circle around your device and data. The reason we call it the RADAR Circle of Defense is because attacks come from all sides. Attacks also come in all different forms. It can be a malicious attack meant to do you and your business harm. It can be an act of nature, such as a terrible storm, flood, or fire. It can be a non-malicious human error. You or an employee accidentally deletes important data. You or an employee can accidentally lose or break the device.  

   The RADAR Circle of Defense has four major components. The first component of the RADAR Circle of Defense is Real-time Protection.  We want to take a preventative approach to protect your devices and data. For a long time now, a lot of businesses have been reactive. They run on the hope of not being targeted by a ransomware attack or a disaster occurring. That will work until it doesn’t. There are many cases where this hope did not work. That is why we want to make prevention the first component in the defense circle.   

   The second component of the RADAR Circle of Defense is Backup & Recovery. Backups are so vital to a business. A lot of hard work can be gone in an instant due to accidents, natural disasters, or mechanical malfunctions. With current backups, even in the event of one of the before-mentioned incidents. Your data would be stored safely and securely offsite. You will also be able to recover accidentally deleted or lost data from your current backup. 

  The third component of the RADAR Circle of Defense is Data Forensics. Some people may think of data forensics as a reactive component. But, data forensics can also be proactive. You can have your devices forensically scanned to check for any improper use or mishandling of the device. We use four different types of forensics Computer, Cloud, Mobile, and Video/Audio forensics. 

  The fourth component of the RADAR Circle of Defense is Online Privacy.  We want to make sure your data is secure at rest and in transit. Being able to safely and securely transmit information across the world is incredibly important. One of the number one goals of the RADAR Circle of Defense is keeping your intellectual property safe. With encryption, you can store, browse, and move data with confidence knowing your data is secure.