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Ensure Your Business is Compliant with COVID-19 Regulations

Monitor safety protocols and building occupancy limits with video surveillance tools to reduce your risk of liability related to COVID-19.

COVID-19 safety violations could cost your business money

With COVID-19 regulations constantly changing, you may feel confused about what safety standards your business needs to follow. Failing to meet COVID-19 guidelines can lead to expensive OSHA fines, workers’ compensation claims, or wrongful death lawsuits that put your company’s reputation at risk.

Ensure your business is equipped to monitor safety protocols and occupancy limits, so you are prepared even when COVID-19 regulations change.

Simple ways to monitor your COVID-19 compliance

We understand that keeping your company COVID-19 compliant can be frustrating. Our video surveillance tools make it easy to keep track of how many people have entered your facility and to watch for safety concerns such as elevated temperatures and mask-wearing. Contact us today and start monitoring your business for COVID-19 compliance.

Physical Security Tools & Integrations

Access Control

Know how many people are inside your building at a given time

Temperature Cameras

Screen for elevated temperatures as people enter your facility

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance – make sure proper safety procedures are being followed