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Prevent Employee Theft

We install technology that monitors & controls access to your company, which will prevent you from losing valuable time, money and intellectual property.

3 of 4 Employees Admit to Stealing from Employers

According to the Better Business Bureau, nearly 30% of all business failures are caused by employee theft. Stealing money, intellectual property, assets or time can destroy a business quickly.

Protect the well-being of your company by watching over it with custom technology integrations that combine video surveillance, time tracking and physical access together, so you can ensure the success of your company.

Build Trust and a Safe Working Environment

Installing integration services allows you to quickly:

Check the productivity of remote employees and the amount of time they spend completing tasks

Monitor the security of your building or facility for unauthorized access or employee theft

Visually record events leading up to and immediately after an incident.

How we Prevent Employee Theft

Remote Worker Management

Video Surveillance

Access Control

System Integration