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ST. MARYS, Ohio – Over 90 percent of businesses have been a victim of employee theft. More than 50 percent experience some form of malware infection. Waiting for something to happen before putting a security plan in place can be an oversight that you may never recover from. Finding the right plan of defense is crucial in today’s unstable world.

Infinite Protection was formed in 2021 to help businesses and individuals get the protection they need in order to succeed. With available solutions of the latest smart technology equipment and software, Infinite Protection is your first line of defense against all internal and external threats.

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many employees to work remote, the need for tracking of time and digital security measures has increased drastically. Many remote employees can easily handle personal affairs online, while still being paid for work that is not being completed in an efficient and responsible manner.

Infinite Protection’s Digital and Physical Security Architect, Aaron Baker, has a firm understanding of the many threats that can devastate a business’ reputation and profit margin. Baker served his community as a police officer for nearly six years before working with the Northwest Ohio Tech Crimes Unit for over two years. He continues to serve as an auxiliary officer, while handling the daily operations of Infinite Protection Ltd.

According to Baker, the birth of Infinite Protection is something he has worked towards for most of his law enforcement career. He says he was ready to enter the private sector and focus on what he specializes in – digital and physical security.

“I enjoy helping people and that was one of the best parts about being a police officer,” Baker stated. “Infinite is all about helping others, from business owners to individuals.”

Baker’s experience and passion is what gives Infinite an edge over other digital and physical security services. Infinite offers everything a business and/or an individual could ask for when it comes to safety, security and peace of mind. From the traditional anti-virus and cloud backup services, to the latest in video monitoring technology and much more, Infinite works with each client’s needs to develop a tailor-made security plan.

Infinite Protection takes its digital security services very seriously. After all, it only takes one click of a mouse to compromise an entire network and slam the brakes on the business operations.

The rise in ransomware and other malware infections has many companies searching for the perfect solution to possible digital security vulnerabilities. Baker strongly warns that without a digital backup of critical data, a ransomware infection can ruin a business overnight.

In its 2020 State of Email Security Report, Mimecast found that 51% of organizations experienced a ransomware attack that led to at least a partial disruption of business operations.

Since the launch of Infinite Protection, Baker has been sharing his knowledge through free video webinars. According to Baker, the webinars are a crucial resource for businesses that are just simply unaware of the different forms of employee theft and the many cyber dangers that pose a threat that could shut a company down for good.

In addition to sophisticated equipment and digital technology, Infinite Protection also offers data forensics, which is a tool commonly used in law enforcement to extract and analyze digital data for signs of malware, criminal activity, sharing trade secrets and more.

So whether you are a business in need of a full-suite of security solutions or an individual simply needing a secure way to backup sensitive data, Infinite Protection has you covered.

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