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Empower your employees to work efficiently from anywhere

Empower your employees to work from anywhere and make sure your team is working at their best inside your facility or while working remotely.

Make sure your company's work is actually getting done

Monitoring employee productivity can be challenging, especially with remote workers. When employees aren’t held accountable for how they spend their time, tasks can go uncompleted and ultimately cost your business money.

Ensure your employees are working productively for your business. Start monitoring your workforce today.

Boost productivity by monitoring your employees

Whether your team is on-site or remote, employees work better when they know they’re being watched. Monitoring your workforce improves employee efficiency, prevents wasted company hours, and helps identify workers who aren’t meeting expectations.

Get a clear picture of what your employees are working on and improve productivity at your business.

Remote Worker Management

Monitor and audit the working hours of offsite employees

Video Surveillance

Employees work more productive because they know they are being watched

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Allow employees to access company files so they can work from remote locations