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iCYPHER VPN is the best and easiest way to protect your internet traffic and keep your identity private online. A fast, private, no logs VPN. Complete Online Safety. Visit websites with secure fast encryption. Easy and Fast Installation. Protect Your Privacy Now.


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Frequently Asked Questions About iCYPHER

What Is A VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, a technology that provides a private, secure connection between your devices and the internet. VPNs can protect you against online spying, interference, and censorship.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the best and easiest way to protect your internet traffic and keep your identity private online. With a VPN your IP address is changed, and all your internet traffic is encrypted through a secure VPN “tunnel.” This means that hackers, governments, big tech companies, and internet service providers cannot see your online activity.

What Are The Benefits Of A VPN?

  • Use your device on the road or public Wi-Fi without fear of others tracking or stealing your data.
  • Access websites or online services that your country, internet service provider, or employer has prevented you from accessing.
  • Prevent intrusive big tech companies from using your online activities to flood you with targeted advertising.
  • View content from streaming services that’s only available in other countries.

How Secure Is iCYPHER VPN encryption?

iCYPHER VPN hides your IP Address and encrypts traffic between our secure Linux VPN servers and your devices. Once encrypted, data cannot be read by third parties, such as your internet service providers or local Wi-Fi operators. iCYPHER VPN uses AES 256 encryption, the same encryption used by the U.S Government and security professionals worldwide to secure sensitive and classified information.

Does Your iCYPHER VPN Service Keep Logs?

Our software was programmed with privacy in mind, so we never save logs of user activity. Our No Logs policy means that your browsing history is kept private and cannot be given to any third party. All our users are subject to our no logs policy, even those using our free VPN service.

What The Catch With Your Free iCYPHER VPN Service?

Our free VPN service allows anyone to try our service and enjoy the benefits of private, secure access to the internet. We fund our free service with ads and referrals from our users inviting friends and family. Our free service has ads and limited bandwidth but still offers great speeds and server options in multiple countries. Users can upgrade at any time for unlimited bandwidth and no ads.

How Do Points Work On The Free iCYPHER VPN Service?

Points can be redeemed for additional bandwidth on the free version of iCYPHER VPN service. Earn points by referring friends and family to iCYPHER, watching ads, or playing the Lucky Wheel game.

What Are The Benefits Of The Premium Membership?

Our premium version of iCYPHER VPN offers unlimited bandwidth on our fastest servers with no ads. Our blazing fast premium servers offer a wide selection of servers worldwide, including Switzerland, which is renowned for its personal privacy laws.

What Is The Cost Of The Premium Membership?

Premium membership is available monthly for $8.00, every 3 months for $21.00, every 6 months for $36.00, or annually for $60.00. Recurring billing, cancel at any time on the Google Play Store.

How Can I Reach iCYPHER VPN Customer Support?

Support can be obtained via chat or email. You can contact us by clicking the chat bubble at the bottom of each page of this website or send us an email.