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  One of the number one ways your business can be vulnerable to a cyber intrusion is from the inside of your own business. From, they say about 12 percent of users will open a phishing email. But, the good news is people are becoming a little more suspicious of hyperlinks. About 4 percent of users will click on a bad link. Unfortunately, it still happens. Employees with no ill intent will click on a bad link, compromising your business network. One of the best ways to protect your business and your employees is to teach them how to spot fake emails. In this how-to, we will go over some quick, five easy steps on how to spot fake emails. 

  1.  Do you recognize the person’s name and email address? If you do not recognize the person/company name or email address, let this be your first cautionary flag. We are not telling you not to open the email just based on that alone. We hope that when you do open the email, you are looking at the email very closely and cautiously.  
  2.  Check for any spelling or grammatical errors within the email. Yes, honest people make mistakes from time to time. But, we have noticed in phishing emails, there tends to be a lot of errors. 
  3.  Does what they are offering appear too good to be true? This saying may be old, but it can still apply today. Again, not always the case, but just another way to keep you alert when checking for fake emails. 
  4.  Hovering over the link. You can hover your mouse over a link and at the bottom of the screen be able to see the real website address. Check out the video below and see how to check links in emails. 
  5.  When in doubt, click on out. If you ever have doubts about an email, just close out the email. You can either attempt to contact the person who sent it or contact your IT professional if one is available. 

     We want to help you be proactive in stopping cyber intrusions.