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Digital Security Products & Services

Secure your internal infrastructure and keep your company data & intellectual property safe


Protect your company from cybersecurity threats. Antivirus software prevents viruses or malware from infecting your company computers and compromising your data.

Secure your company network with antivirus software and stop malware attacks before they happen.

Data Backups

Don’t be caught off guard if your business loses access to company data. Regular data backups ensure that you will always have an up-to-date copy of all your data. Quickly recover accidentally deleted or lost data if an incident occurs, so you can keep your business running.

Protect your company data with data backups stored safe and secure off-site.

Ransomware Prevention

On average, businesses pay $700,000 per ransomware incident due to downtime, the ransomware payment, and the recreation of data. Protect your company from ransomware attacks that could ruin your reputation and your bottom line.

Secure your business against ransomware. Contact us to get started.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Increase online privacy on company-issued devices with a Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPNs use an anonymous Internet Provider (IP) address to create a secure, encrypted connection. This reduces your risk of malware infecting company devices by using private browsing and ad blocking technology.

Protect your company’s online privacy. Secure your company devices with a VPN today.

Remote Worker Management

Providing remote access to the company network empowers employees to work from anywhere.

Track hours worked, application usage, and where employees are spending time online to make sure your remote workers are being productive.

Mobile Device Management

Monitor how company-issued mobile devices are being used by employees. Preload devices with approved applications and set restrictions to what employees can add themselves.

Easily track which employees have a company mobile device and prevent your company’s devices from being used improperly.