Infinite Protection can Keep Your Business Secure From Ransomware Attacks

A new ransomware attack on technology service provider Kaseya VSA could affect over 40,000 computers worldwide, according to cybersecurity experts. It likely infected hundreds of organizations and tens of thousands of computers. The group, known as REvil is a well-known ransomware purveyor. Ransomware is malicious software that locks a computer until a ransom is paid, […]

Securing your home Wi-Fi connection

 According to, as of July 2020, there were 4.57 billion active internet users. It is safe to assume a good portion of that number is using a home Wi-Fi connection. It is important to secure your home Wi-fi from potential intruders. During my law-enforcement career, I noticed a lot of people hanging around certain […]

RADAR Circle of Defense Part one

Having Real-time protection is the first step in the RADAR Circle of Defense. Let’s start by defining Real-time Protection. Real-time protection runs actively in the background and actively checks your device for any suspicious activity. Real-time protection checks your device for any malicious software trying to gain access or make changes to your device or […]

The RADAR Circle of Defense

Infinite Protection takes a systematic approach to defending your device and data. We combine well known and well-tested software to create a defensive circle around your device and data. The reason we call it the RADAR Circle of Defense is because attacks come from all sides. Attacks also come in all different forms. It can […]

How to spot phishing emails

  One of the number one ways your business can be vulnerable to a cyber intrusion is from the inside of your own business. From, they say about 12 percent of users will open a phishing email. But, the good news is people are becoming a little more suspicious of hyperlinks. About 4 percent […]

Keep your stimulus check safe

There are talks of a second round of stimulus checks being distributed to the nation. With the second round of stimulus checks comes a chance for more fraud. First, we will talk about the most common ways scammers obtain your money.  Probably the most frequent way they try to scam you out of your money […]

Keep your kids safe from online predators

The internet was truly established to be a force for good. Unfortunately, there were unintended consequences of the establishment of the internet. The internet has helped us keep up to date with current events, with long lost friends, finding great deals, and so much more. The internet has also been used as a force for […]